Prospective Client Information

Young Ideas provides clients with a unique, wideranging technical knowledge capability in various areas of product design. 
We can also offer services individual consultants are able to provide
by (if needed) assembling a custom team  of experts for your particular project.  Young Ideas saves you both time and money.
 Using our contacts  and through evaluations of consultants we retain in your behalf if needed, Young Ideas is able to provide  custom
design and other services to you. If requested, we can split the project
 into pieces and have the consultants work only on pieces of your project to retain privacy of your data and other proprietary materials.
 If necessary we can even mask your identity to the consultants and pay them directly.

Services include idea development and prototype construction in areas of electronics, mechanical design,  and
development of energy efficient "green" designs which fit today's needs and life styles.

Data, devices and products which are products of our collaboration are then presented to you with interaction between us,
 or we can simply supply the project receivables for you to evaluate independently of  our input to allow you to
draw your own conclusions.  Young Ideas has a 25 year history of confidentiality between clients
and ourselves which has received no client complaints of information leaks.

Please feel free to contact us.